Atul Khanna has built enterprises in manufacturing, engineering, machine vision, life sciences and now education by building an Indian-European knowledge corridor over the years.

He lives with his family and friends in Pune, India, and travels to Europe for work.

He has been Knighted by the Finnish Government, an award for the best foreign-owned company in Sweden, and a Lifetime Achievement award from Deccan Chamber of Commerce.

Atul’s firm Tooltech engineers German cars, trains, machine vision and high-end technology equipment for marquee European firms.

He coordinates the work of Scientists, Engineers, to create a sum that is greater than its part on a global concurrent engineering model.

His first book ‘Between You and Me: Flight to Societal Moksha’ is published by Bloomsbury.

a flight to societal moksha
a movement. a transformation. a conversation.

Original, solution oriented, thought provoking ideas to re architecture parliamentary democracy, deepen it, widen citizen ownership, equality and widen the purpose of governance. The setting, it’s body is India, but it is a soul reflection of the universal. The march from 19th century ideas, executed in the 20th century, but irrelevant in the fast march of the 21st century – a century that needs not tinkering but new ideas. It aims to empower the young, 600 million in India alone, to be the natural champions they are instead of potentially being its victims.


Structural solutions to replace our timeless personality obsession

Deepen democracy, expand equality, create the car not just chose the driver for progress.

Transferable vote and Mix model of democracy

Demarcate between your representative and leader clearly and optimally. It’s simple. Understand how it can be done.

A New Economic Story with a People’s sector

From ‘government’ ownership in the ‘name of people’; to direct ownership by people. The resultant stealth in our performance will power the economy.

20 Million Jobs

Building the renaissance in world trade, remove the proxies and bring agriculturist(s) in decision making, decomodify mining through structure, science, defence production and sub systematic moves. This will exceed the job target.

Redefine Adult Franchise

Increasing numbers cannot be the way to power. India has only one UN vote with 17% of world population. Delink population as sole criteria for political voice. (Give fair voice to the environment and to those with restraint)

Abolish Permanent bureaucracy, give birth to permanent entrepreneurship

Let’s create university’s for innovation, not civil services. Let’s create products with societal connect, that the world wants. All this will define the 21st century and harnesses the DNA of the young who are the natural leaders. Bureaucracy not democracy is our hurdle.

Flip the reality of managing economic assets and outsourcing education and health

The need of the hour is to empower India foundationally (to outsourcing education and health care.)

A new Constitution, a new Preamble

Will tinkering help? Apologetically & right, agreed or not, explore the analysis. Understand your constitution and why you are dissatisfied.

India’s Song

Embrace the timeless, before our prejudices were born. Hanuman Chalisa on the Tamil meter and Sanskrit lyric is one example. Provoke your mind, but calmly. There are no minorities in India. We are timelessly one. No religion or caste gave you democracy. If you vote like herds, you will deny yourself, democracy’s benefits.




Between You and Me is a vast conversation on solutions, brimming with ideas, idealistic yet concrete, a tapestry of unique colours that is set to challenge the prescriptive constitution and structure of India. Will India switch from being follower and precedence driven, to be being thought leader and innovation driven for the vast change to harness its young generation?

The aim of the book is to empower the young and share original, futuristic, thought provoking ideas to re architecture parliamentary democracy, deepen it, widen citizen ownership, equality and widen the purpose of governance. Needless to say, ideas of the 19th century executed in the 20th century; will not work in the 21st century because this century needs its own tools in order to ensure a thriving democracy.

It presents the hope and aspiration of an ancient society that wants to break through the colonial legacy and land safely into the future. It is a gripping petition with operating models for redefining the citizen’s role—from the audience to the hero—which, if implemented, would bring Societal Moksha of peace, power and prosperity.

A flight to societal Moksha challenges the existing structures and provokes the youth to think out of the box to combat challenges in order to bring Societal Moksha which is the creation of a fair and equitable society; fair not in outcomes but in opportunity.